Made to order Bridemaid and Evening Dresses ED02153

Made to order Bridemaid and Evening Dresses ED02153

Product Code: ED02153
239.00 AUD

Made to order Bridemaid and Evening Dresses ED02153


- These items are made to order only.

- We specialize in custom-made wedding dresses and evening dresses from the advertised list. The colour and the size can be made to order as per your request.

- Some customization can be made and we can make some wedding dresses according to pictures provided by customers (conditions apply). 

* Please note: subject to the availability of some special materials at the time of your order, some alternative materials may be used.

- The process can take about 6 weeks after the order is placed and paid for (which includes the time it takes to make the dress, processing and shipping time to you, the customer).  Please allow more time for your peace of mind, especially when ordering wedding dresses. 

Any alterations after the dress has been ordered, paid for and received is the responsibility of the consumer.



Please do not pay at checkout but follow these steps when ordering:

Step 1: Choose the dress(es) you like and take note of the product codes.

Step 2: Email us ( your name, address and contact details, the product codes, your measurements (please see the measurement guide below) and any questions you may have. 

Step 3: We will check and confirm your order with you and discuss any availability problems, if any.

Step 4: Once you have decided on the dress that you are happy with, confirm your order and pay as per advisement.  All orders take approximately 6 weeks.


Size guide

Size Chart:

Size Bust (cm) Waist (cm)

Length (cm)

S 77-83 60-66  
M 80-86 64-70  
L 84-90 67-73  
XL 87-93 71-77  
XXL 93-99 77-83  

Or take your own measurement as guide below


How to take measurements for evening dress, wedding dress...

Measure Guide

Dresses are made to order, please get these measurements:

 Please send your measurements and your order details to email: 


Plus extra measurement as pictures below

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